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(For a lady whose father
died while she was
visiting the Holy Land.)


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My Comforter

As we journeyed down the road I could not help but envious be
Of the people long ago who'd walked this road ahead of me;
For they'd had the joy of walking with my Saviour day by day
They'd supped with Him and talked with Him along His busy way.

Now as I stood at my window looking down to where we'd been,
Remembering what the guide had told us of the places we had seen,
My thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone
And I was grieved to learn that there had been a death at home.

I'd asked my Lord to help me know if there were reasons why
This journey to the Holy Land should, perhaps, be passed by.
I felt it was the leading of the Lord that we should go ahead.
Now comes the news across the waters - my beloved father's dead.

Should I go home to be with loved ones or continue over here?
What would they think if I should fail to join them at the bier?
I could do nothing for my father now and I could almost hear him say,
"I would not want you to come back. Continue on your way."

Our next day's journey took us to the tomb where Jesus lay
Until the angel came and rolled the heavy stone away.
I asked Him then why grief should come to me this way
And in His tender voice I think I heard Him gently say,

"It would have been so hard, my dear, to see your loved one die
And where have you a Comforter who loves you more than I?
I brought you there to places that are very dear to me
That I might better help you bear your grief, you see."

I thanked Him then for helping me to realize and know
That it was best for me to stay onward with the group to go.
Though I'm amazed as I look back, I fully understand
The wisdom of His leading me there to the Holy Land.