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My Dad

When I was just a little lad
My father used to say,
"Come on, my son, and walk with me
To Sunday School today".
And with my hand clasped tight in his
My heart would swell with joy
For I knew I had the greatest Dad
God ever gave a boy.

When I became a teenager
And wanted to be free
To do the things the gang was doing
My Dad would say to me,
"If you would go to church with me
You'd find some really good pals there"
And I would shake my head and wonder
Why my Dad was such a square.

Then I went away to college
And when I'd feel kind of sad
I used to long for mail time
And a letter from my Dad.
And I marveled at the wisdom
In the words he'd write to me
And I just couldn't figure how
He got so smart so suddenly.

And now that I'm a father
Of a curly-headed lad
Who doesn't hesitate to tell me
That he has the greatest Dad
I could only pray that I'll be able
To survive that teenage stare
That will tell me, oh, so clearly
"Poor old Dad, you're such a square".