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(It was a cold, rainy day.
I was ironing and these
thoughts came to me.
I felt that God
led me through it)


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Peter and I

"You ask me if I'm really sure I'll go to Heaven when I die."
"Oh, yes, I'm sure beyond all doubt," I joyously reply.
And then I get to thinking of that glorious, wondrous day
When life shall end for me down here, and with wings I'll fly away
I try to imagine how it will be when I first enter Heaven's gate
Will Jesus be right there to meet me or will I have to wait?

Is that Jesus coming toward me? No, I think its Peter drawing near
He says he'd like to talk to me, its something I should really hear.
And as I listen I'm reminded of that awful Crucifixion day
And of the disciples who slept in the Garden while Jesus knelt alone to pray.
I remember now it was Peter who vowed he'd stand by to the very end
Then, just a short time later, denied that Jesus was his Friend

I knew I had to ask him then, "Peter, how did you feel that day
When Jesus turned His eyes on you and you had to look away?"
"It was so long ago", was Peter's reply, "and my Lord knew I loved Him so
And He loved me and quickly forgave me, and that's what I want you to know
'Cause when you meet Him face to face as you will in a moment or two
You'll know how I felt 'cause He looked at me just as He's going to look at you."

"But, wait a minute, Peter", I cried, "I never denied my Lord
I never denied I knew Him, or spurned His precious Word."
"That may be true", was Peter's answer, "But, when He turns his gaze on you
You'll think of all the things you could have done and failed to do."
He will not rebuke you, friend, 'cause His love for you is true and real
And though you've failed Him just as I, He'll understand just how you feel

Now I must go for I have finished what I met you here to say
And Jesus stands there waiting now to welcome you Home today."
"Oh, Peter, please don't leave me yet for suddenly I'm afraid to look
I tremble just to meet His gaze - I fear what might be in that book."
And my imagination leaves me standing in Jesus' blessed presence there
'Cause I'm afraid to raise my eyes to meet His searching stare.

And so I pray instead, "Oh, God, forgive me for my sinful ways
For I have failed you many times and wasted countless precious days
And when I failed to witness or neglect to spread the precious Word
I'm guilty as poor Peter who so long ago denied my Lord.
Please help me Lord, to be more faithful - to seek Your will from day to day
To be the humble servant, - living, loving, serving, - all the time in every way."

And when I get to Heaven and my Saviour's blessed face I seek
Will I be able to return His gaze or will I, like Peter, turn away and weep?