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(This is about our daughter, Peggy,
who did so much of the work on
typing and editing these poems)


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Family, Growing Up, Encouragement


Poor Us

Poor little mixed-up third graders
We're feeling sorry for us
We didn't get to go anywhere
Or even see the inside of a bus.

The patrol boys attended a ball game
The little kids went to the zoo
Some went to museums and libraries
But us? What did we get to do?

They gave the sixth grade a free luncheon
I hear it was really a ball
First grade entertained with a circus
But we just did nothing at all.

Then I stopped and thought it over
And I guess I'll have to say
That I think we're pretty lucky
As we gather here today.

We didn't have to practice
For a circus day after day
Or have night-mares over animals
In a zoo thirty-three miles away.

We didn't mourn the Indian's loss
Or hear a farewell talk
We didn't get sick from a bus ride
Or blisters from a walk.

And suddenly I realize
We're a happy-go-lucky bunch
To have such a wonderful teacher
Invite us to join her for lunch.