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(This was written for when
my husband retired
from Ford Motor Company.)


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Family, Growing Up, Encouragement, Aging



What do you do when you've retired?
Isn't it rather dull?
Don't you feel old just sitting around
Doing nothing much at all?

These are just some of the questions
That come to us now and then
And we just chuckle and reply,
"We're busier than we've ever been."

We're building our new apartment
On the back of our son-in-law's house
A quiet place to settle down
Just me and my dear spouse.

A janitor job at church and school
Baby-sitting day after day
Chauffeuring folks to work and school
Moving a family home from far away.

Corresponding with our kids
Keeping touch with family and friends
Some days get so busy we sigh and say,
"We'll be glad when this day ends."

Someone once told us we were not retired
We're really re-cycled instead
'Cause I guess you don't retire from life
'Til someone pronounces you dead.