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(An example of our cooperation
in God's miracles.)


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What If?

What if the mother had been too busy
To prepare her lad a lunch that day
And instead of the loaves and fishes
Had empty-handed sent him away?

What if the Master had been too weary
To speak to the crowds that day
And, with His disciples, wanting to rest
Had urged them to go away.

What if a child had whimpered and said,
"I will not give my lunch away"
And had selfishly turned aside
To eat it alone that day?

What if, after the food had been blessed
And the disciples commanded to pass it that day
They had grumbled over whom they would serve
And from whom they would shy away?

And thus we know we must be willing
As we journey on from day to day
To humbly obey the Lord's commands
If we would live the Christ-filled way.